Ice a cake using an easy icer and decorate it with rose buds

This attractive cake is iced and decorated in only a few minutes. Taking a 21" plastic disposable pastry bag, I inserted an easy icer tip #200. It is filled with white buttercream icing and the point of the bag is cut to expose the tip. The icing is squeezed onto the side of the 8 inch round cake. The teeth of the tip is towards the cake. Next, the top is filled in with more icing. I spread out the icing on top of the cake with a spatula, taking care not to lift the blade from the cake. Lifting the spatula can cause cake crumbs to get into the icing. The side is smoothed out with a cake scraper keeping the beveled edge away from the cake. A decorative scraper is used to make a pattern on the side of the cake. I finished the top of the cake by smoothing it out with the regular cake scraper. A second 21" bag is used to make the top border. This time, I used a coupler and a #20 border tip and white buttercream. With the #20 border tip on the end of the bag, I made icing loops on the top edge of the cake. A #103 rose tip is put in a disposable parchment bag, filled with yellow buttercream. I put a yellow rose bud in the pocket of each top border loop. Using this same bag and the narrow end of the #103 rose tip up, I squeezed out a smooth yellow bottom border. A parchment bag containing a #67 leaf tip and green buttercream is used to put a leaf on each yellow rose bud. Have fun! Toni

Make two-tone roses with an inside border

Many beautiful rose decorated cakes have a basic design pattern. I demonstrated one in this video. The two-rose cake was made by pre-icing an 8 inch round cake with buttercream icing and the side was combed. A large disposable plastic bag with a coupler and a #18 border tip is filled with dark blue buttercream. I put a small dark blue shell border on the bottom and the top of this cake. Next, using a parchment pastry bag, I inserted rose tip #103. The parchment bag is striped with two colors of blue. A narrow stripe of the dark blue icing is put on the inside of the bag. The remainder of the bag is filled with light blue colored icing and the tip of the bag is cut to expose the rose tip. The narrow end of the rose tip is towards the dark strip of blue icing. This will cause the outer edge of the rose to be dark. I made the roses on a #7 rose nail and then put each one onto the cake using a scissors. Another parchment bag is filled with green buttercream and a #67 leaf tip. The tip of the bag is cut to expose the leaf tip. Green leaves are put on each rose bud and around each rose. Using a #2 writer, it is put in a parchment bag, fill with dark blue buttercream icing and the tip is cut. I squeezed a reversing "S" pattern along the inside of edge of the shell border. Enjoy! Toni

Pretty Flat Flowers on a Quarter Sheet Cake

Using a rose tip in a pastry bag, pretty flat flowers can be placed directly onto your cake. This quarter sheet cake was previously iced and the edges were covered with two different borders. A straight orange border on the bottom and a yellow ruffle on the top. Flat flowers are made by using only rose tips inside of parchment pastry bags filled with colored buttercream icing. It is always a good idea to practice making flat flowers for the very first time on something other than your cake. I demonstrated two different sized flowers with two rose tips on a paper plate, making sure my rose bud ends touch. After practicing, I put blue flat buttercream flowers containing #102 rose tip in each corner of my cake. Next to the blue flowers, I make larger hot pink flat flowers using a #104 rose tip. Another color of flat flowers are added with a bag containing orange buttercream icing and rose tip #102. The orange flat flowers are used to tie in the bottom border and fill in the spaces on the top. The center of each flower is filled in with yellow icing squeezed through a bag containing a grass tip #233. The leaves are made with green buttercream icing and tip #67 in a parchment bag. A few green leaves are put around each flower. Toni