Icing a Quarter Sheet Cake with an Easy Icer and adding two borders!

I take full advantage of using my easy icer. It can be used for a variety of applications in cake decorating. Often times, I use it to ice 1/4 sheet, 1/2 sheet and full sheet cakes. The easy icer dispenses the frosting evenly over the sides and top of the cake. It reduces the possibility of mixing cake crumbs into the frosting because you are less likely to lift the spatula. The combination of a shell border using a #20 tip and a ruffle side border using a #103 rose tip are often seen on wedding and baby shower cakes along with baptismal and confirmation style cakes. The decorative cake comb detail adds a touch of interest and aids in leveling off the top of the cake. I use toothpicks as guides for ruffle spacing and depth. The marks left behind by the toothpicks in the frosting are completely hidden by the icing borders when I am finished. It is easier to control the draping of the ruffle if the cake is raised to a more comfortable level. I especially like using the #200 easy icer tip with a disposable plastic pastry bag because of the cleanup when I am done icing. I just squeeze out the extra icing back into the bowl, cut a slit into the plastic pastry bag removing the #200 tip to wash and toss the empty bag in the trash! Toni

Put Buttercream Baby Booties on a Baby Shower Cake!

Welcome the new baby with a baby bootie shower cake! This cake was made using two 8 inch round cakes and iced with buttercream. The cake decorations are also made from buttercream icing using a variety of tips. The booties can be placed on almost any size or shaped cake. Change the color of the roses and ribbons to match the shower theme or if you know...the gender of the baby. You can adjust the size of the buttercream booties by using a larger or smaller pastry tip. Make your "baby bootie cake" the centerpiece of the occasion! Toni